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Altronica’s team consists of highly qualified IT specialists with the wide array of skills and knowledge, ready to tackle any and all kinds of tasks they face in day-to-day work.
Professionalism and years of experience in IT industry will help us realize any ideas for your business.
We offer a wide variety of services and solutions for companies, always ready to deliver high-quality end product quickly.
Andriy Bakhmet

Founder of Altronica and a cornerstone of our company's success, with the most amount of experience in the industry.

Oleksandr Albu

Reliable and flexible, proven many times to be excellent problem solver, our QA team lead was involved in all of the Altronica’s top projects.

Andrii Shakhov

Company's Java Team Lead, serious, determined, resoursfull and dependable, always making sure everything is done correctly.



The leading direction of Altronica is the development of custom software. We provide a wide range of software development services in Java and Javascript.

Several defining features of these programming languages are:
  • Reliability
  • High-performance
  • Scalability of software solutions
  • Security
  • Mobile devices support
  • Open development
Those languages also include libraries as well as extensions that can be used in your projects due to an extremely standardized import mechanism and program interfaces. At the end, the client receives a ready-made software that performs all the necessary tasks, as well as support, maintenance service and consulting of users.

Is one of our company's main fields of expertise in development.

We can offer a wide variety of web-based Java applications ranging from a simple website up to a complicated mobile-first single-page applications. Working with both large enterprises and small businesses we can always find a perfect solution for any situation.
From simple API or a lightweight client interface up to a large and complex endeavor, we can make projects of any difficulty work seamlessly.

Altronica offers an excellent outsourcing service.

Code outsourcing gives our clients the ability to fully focus on the main endeavors of their business without diverting attention to less significant processes. Providing resource management flexibility, outsourcing lowers the amount of tasks per employee in client’s company, improving general performance. Altronica has all the necessary knowledge and tools to complete tasks of various adversity.
Our company will develop solutions that meet your requirements, provide IT professionals, who will solve any task quickly and efficiently. We offer software development, testing, creating documents, support and maintenance. If you order our outsourcing service, rest assured that your business will run smoothly.

The high-quality ready-made software product is a guarantee of a successful work of the company.

Therefore, we carefully test and check each line of code, thereby identifying problems before they occur to achieve astonishing results as quickly as possible. We use an assortment of different types of testing, to ensure the quality of our finished products and provide customer satisfaction.
Our methods of testing include:
  • Functional site testing
  • Testing of web page slicing
  • Security vulnerability testing
  • Security testing
  • Manual testing
  • Load testing

Having a lot of experience in development, our company also offers support and maintenance of software.

Altronica has a team of highly skilled professionals who will help you set up your project and open it to the world. Our team has a great deal of experience in long-time support of completed projects so we can offer maintenance and technical support for up to a year after everything is finished.
Over the years of practice we have gathered a variety of technologies and methods that we now use to provide 24/7 control over the project’s status and ensure its stability also performing regular backups. We can guarantee that your project will run smoothly regardless of its difficulty and in case of emergency any damage will be minimized quickly.

Why Choose Us?


We pride ourselves on having high standards for our work, making sure to solve any problems before finished projects are presented to our clients.


Having an extensive market experience, we've assembled a strong team of highly qualified, talented and hardworking employees.


New ideas and innovative solutions are highly appreciated in our company, blending different approaches to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently.

We care about our clients

Every task we get is approached individually giving us the ability to find solutions that will work out perfectly for your particular needs.

Work ethics

Hundreds of clients we have worked with were fully satisfied with excellent results and exceptional customer service.

Fair pricing

Altronica charges only for the work we’ve done, offering transparent and honest prices with no hidden expenses to all of our clients.

What people say?

Implementation was thorough and they designed my project within a short time frame and delivered it perfectly! Fast development and incredible end results.

Karl Meier, Germany

What people say?

Really looking forward to working with Altronica again! They kept me updated throughout the development process and offered a brilliant solution to my problems.

Gerry Weber, UK

What people say?

Truly thankful to this team for well made project that greatly helped my firm to stay afloat!

Ann Wu, small business owner, USA


Corporate Website
Corporate website
It's a multifunctional resource that can be used by the company for different purposes. With unique design and content, it's perfectly suited for raising the image of every business. Having a well-made website aides with the expansion in sales and increases new partnerships.
Multilevel marketing or MLM
Multilevel marketing or MLM
Our solution allows you to keep the records of orders, working consultants and calculate the marketing plan. The software can work in a local network or via the Internet.
Solutions for a shipping company
Solutions for a shipping company
We have developed an online service that will simplify your work and make sales from Europe and the US more effective. Now you won’t have to use out-of-date accounting systems and will be able to access your customers online.

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